Game Cloud Applications

Plug and Play

Our templated apps offer plug and play solutions that work seamlessly across all screens and surfaces. We offer unparalleled user experiences. 


Game Cloud Conversion provides a funnel that collects leads and the information needed to convert a prospect into a customer. Our app integrations to allow for custom-built solutions that work for you.


Game Cloud Competition creates an environment that captivates users and their friends using milestones, progress, recognition and rewards.

Notifications, Leaderboards, Profiles, Scores, Ranks, Achievements and Goals can also be used to keep users coming back.

Projects that benefit from the Game Cloud Competition feature set include live event apps, community apps, fantasy apps and contests.




Dazzle audiences with premium interactive experiences that build community and capture user attention.

Quizzes and Polls

Game Cloud Quizzes and Polls are powerful tools to increase time on site and learn what your audience thinks.

Beautiful experiences bring your content to life using HTML5 and seamlessly integrate into your existing content for an enhanced user experience. Quiz visuals excite users, immersing them in an environment you can use to grow your business.   

Content Hubs

Game Cloud Content Hubs provide a constant stream of new plug and play quizzes and polls, keeping your community coming back for more. This content incorporates publisher and user generated content.

A continuous flow of content also provides a real-time update on what users are interested in at any given time.

Our proprietary Game Cloud WordPress app can also be used to seamlessly integrate into your existing website.


Game Cloud Portal is a gaming hub that integrates with Game Cloud Competition and instantly creates an interactive community on your site. Portal can also be white labeled to provide a cleaner look.


Our collection of 250+ games is just plain amazing.  They bring a site to life like no other app.

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