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Case Study: Fox News - Conquer the Campaign


Campaign for President

Campaign for President of the United States. Earn votes by taking quizzes.

Each week receive Campaign cash and then hit the road and campaign across the country to earning votes.



Take a quiz in each state

Earn as many votes as you can by correctly and quickly answering questions about that state.

You can only campaign in a state if you have enough Campaign Funds.


See your results

See your results as you climb in the standings.

Earn more Campaign Cash by sharing your results.


Customize your notifications

Never miss an achievement or a message in the customizable notification section.



See who's in the lead

Keep up with the results on the leaderboard.

Divide the leaderboard into and subsections you like such as Democrats, Republicans and Friends.




When you run out of money and need to refill the War Chest head over to the Fundraising section. Sponsored quizzes and videos will help refill the coffers.



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