Engagement Cloud Platform

Dynamic Customer Engagement

It’s a competitive environment out there for content. Publishers need the right tools to get their content noticed.

Game Cloud provides a platform of tools making it easy to add the engagement features that will get your content noticed and keep users coming back.

Choose from our plug and play units or layer our functionality into your apps.

Content Hubs

Game Cloud Content Hubs are the easiest way to build a ideal interactive experience while keeping it loaded with fresh content.

Our responsive template is the fastest way to launch engaging social experiences loaded with brand and user-generated content.  The hub is compatible with every CMS. Just plug and play.




  • Consumer Research
  • Contests
  • Topical Evergreen Pages

Community Building

Allow meaningful engagements on your site and create a destination where people come to spend their time, allowing you to build a community and brand affinity with your audience.




  • Collaboration
  • Challenges
  • Polling

Marketing Campaigns

Tell a narrative that matters to customers. Use content that people want to engage with and build meaningful connections using apps that encourage interactions.

Leverage publisher content combined with user-generated content and engagement tools to tell a better story taking your campaign farther.

Activate the audience by extending reach, driving engagement, and creating brand advocates.




  • Branded Communities
  • Audience Competitions
  • Product Promotions

Lead Generation

Generate qualified leads using content that matters to our audience, using apps that intelligently produce new customers.




  • Quiz Contests
  • Coupons
  • Email Lists

Native Advertising

Create native advertising that users actually pay attention to. The largest social platforms in the world monetize with native ads, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Integrating our sponsored quizzes and polls into editorial feeds allows the publishing industry plug and play ad units producing terrific results.


  • The poll achieves an avg. CTR of 60% and 20% Share and 500% better Time on Site




  • Embedded Quizzes
  • Custom Apps
  • Sponsored Polls

Customer Insights

Publishers can get to know their users through first party data collected through Game Cloud quizzes assessments and behavior tracking.

Asking users what they think in quizzes & assessments allows publishers to collect data and segment users according to their customer persona.

Combine that with the behavioral data collected from their actions on site and you have a powerful tool for sales and re-engagement.




  • Market Research
  • User Targeting
  • Consumer Profile Building

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