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Game Cloud helps you find out and influence what your audience believes.

 Understand and monetize your users’s beliefs from 1st party market data acquired by taking quizzes and polls.


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Topical Quizzes + 1st Party Data = Results

Connect with users on an emotional level about topics they care about.

Form a connection with engaging content and get better results than ads will ever give you.

Leverage your data

Monetize through native ads and video pre-roll

Optimized with HTML5 for great mobile engagement

Learn What Users Actually Think.

We transform the way you engage with your consumers and advertisers.

Employ the best-in-class user experience for native advertising with playful HTML5 content for mobile and web.





HTML5 Game Ad



Targeted users connect with your brand through a positive experience

Engagement is up to 16x higher than standard ads


Up to 60% interaction on embedded games

Minutes time spent playing on average


Completion rate


Take engage with more than one unit per visit

Mobile. Social. Seamlessly Discoverable.




Make brilliant ads from your content


Expand your reach and increase monetization


Users become players.


Play with content fans love

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