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Through the Game Cloud platform publishers access native advertising power with HTML5 social games for mobile engagement.

Users that encounter the games play consistently

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Create and Publish Rich Media Contextual Content

CMS for HTML5 Games

HTML 5 Games in a Few Clicks

Easily place your content into our HTML5 games

Embeddable Rich Media

Embed games into articles, ads, apps and arcades

Simple Syndication

Syndicate your content to our connected loyalty platform

Gaming Loyalty Platform

Build affinity by rewarding users

Increase Engagement

Gamification increases engagement, retention, and monetization

Multi Format Distribution

Publish to Network

Keep social on your site and build community while your fans play.

Embed in Articles

Embed games within content environments for better engagement.

HTML5 Game Ad

Embed in Ad Units

Syndicate your content on HTML5 rich media game ads that fit all standard ad sizes.


   Game Cloud turns users into players.


Play games based on the publisher content fans love



 Turn your content into games.


Expand your reach with no Friction User Discovery across mobile and apps


  Access the best in content marketing.

Reach users with the most versatile rich media experience available

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